4 Ways to Avoid a Sewer or Drain Cleaning Scam

Honest and professional drain ceaning in Menlo Park, CA by local plumbersHaving a clogged drain or sewer can be stressful. Dealing with a plumbing problem can be even more stressful when you hire a fraudulent plumbing company to take care of your plumbing problem. My Menlo Park Plumber Hero is a reputable plumbing company with an impressive portfolio and licensed, qualified professionals. Before undertaking any job, we advise our clients to go through our reviews and even call our previous clients for reference.

Unfortunately, there are fraudulent companies and individuals in the Menlo Park plumbing industry. These fraudsters take advantage of clients’ need for urgent plumbing services to defraud them. Homeowners should keep an eye out for unscrupulous plumbing companies using the following tips.

Are You Being Singled Out?

First, pay attention to the type of questions a technician asks. Questions such as “Are you alone?” or “Is your husband home?” are possible indicators that you are dealing with a fraudster. Such people often target single women, widows, and the elderly.

Old Video Camera Inspection Videos

Many plumbing companies use video inspection to determine plumbing problems. Fraudulent plumbing companies use old videos or videos of other homeowners’ plumbing systems to convince unsuspecting homeowners to pay for drain cleaning services that they do not need. Ask for the live footage of your plumbing system and not a recorded version of it. Make sure the camera is actually recording during the video inspection.

Fraudulent Plumbing Claims

Be very vigilant about the “evidence” for drain cleaning problems in your plumbing system. Fraudulent plumbing professionals often exaggerate the extent of clients’ plumbing problems. Some may even intentionally clog your plumbing system during a routine inspection to force you to pay for services that you do not need.

Verify Credentials

Finally, be sure to conduct a background check on the company you intend to hire for drain cleaning services. This will allow you to obtain a second opinion before making a final decision on whom to hire.

My Menlo Park Plumber Hero is honest and transparent in all its dealings. We provide itemized invoices so that our clients know exactly what they pay for. In addition, we do not use aggressive sales tactics to convince our clients to pay for services or plumbing products that they do not need. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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