Menlo Park, CA Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

One of the most useful appliances in your home is your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal. This appliance helps you keep food waste from collecting in your trash cans and leaving your home smelling like a landfill. Unfortunately, this appliance is also prone to certain problems if it is not used correctly or professionally installed. If you have a disposal in your kitchen that is causing problems, don’t wait for the problem to fix itself. That’s wishful thinking. If there is a problem, it will only continue to get worse. To save the most money and possibly prevent the need for a full system replacement, call for assistance from a qualified plumber in Menlo Park, California as soon as possible.

How to Get the Best Results from Your Garbage Disposal

If you want to prevent major problems, you need to use your disposal according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. You also need to use a little bit of common sense. For starters, a disposal is for food waste only. Putting glass, metal, or plastic items in a disposal is not going to keep your disposal running longer. It’s going to damage it, possibly beyond repair.

As far as food waste is concerned, you do have to be careful about what and how much food you put in the disposal. Certain food scraps like potato peels, onion skins, celery stalks, corn husks, rice, pasta, and even coffee grounds can cause gridlock in the blades. This can make it impossible for the blades to move and cause blockages.

Routine Maintenance Can Prevent Garbage Disposal Failure

Did you know that you can call a local plumber to inspect your garbage disposal? Because these appliances are so small, many people do not consider calling for professional plumbing inspections. However, if you have a plumber routinely check other parts of your plumbing system; why not ask them to inspect your disposal too?

At My Menlo Park Plumber Hero, we offer residents of Menlo Park, CA a number of maintenance package options that can help you keep your garbage disposal running well for many years. Our plumbing services are designed to meet our customers’ budgetary limitations and guaranteed by our warranty policy.

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