New Plumbing Tools Help Plumbers Get Jobs Done Faster and Better

It’s no secret that plumbers appreciate plumbing tools that make it faster and easier to complete jobs. Our plumbers at My Menlo Park Plumber Hero are excited to share their love of technology with their customers. Here are some of the tools our customers might see their technician using at their home.

Better Pipe Inspection Equipment

Plumbers use pipe and drain inspection cameras that are self-contained and compact.  They the deal tool for drain and rooter inspection used by emergency plumbing companies in Menlo Park, CA.

Drain Snakes for Fast Drain Cleaning Service

Ask any plumber what is the most frustrating aspect of snaking drains, and it’s likely you’ll get the following response: Horrible support and bulky operation.

High-tech drain snake kits solves this problem for our plumbers. These kits are lighter and the most professional drain cleaners available. We like the hybrid designs that blend floor-based and handheld machines into one. Another feature of the drain snake kit is its ability to hold a longer charge, making it possible to use more often without recharging.

We snake drains frequently as part of our drain cleaning services and appreciate  machines that let us get our work done faster and with greater accuracy. Our customers appreciate the convenience and money-saving benefits, too.


Pipe Installation Services Take Less Time with the Pipe Handle

Another tool that local plumbers are adding to their fully-stocked vehicles is the Pipe Handle. This tool makes pipe installation and maintenance safer and easier. Designed to securely grip plastic piping from 3 – 8 inches in diameter, the Pipe Handle can adjust quickly to various pipe sizes. The easy transition allows Menlo Park plumbers to move from pipe to pipe with minimized marring. It’s also a great tool for keeping pipes aligned while glue dries after installation.

Sewer Locating Tools Keep Plumbing Service Affordable

Another factor that can drive up prices for customers is locating sewer lines and manholes. When homeowners need sewer or septic services, they often don’t know the location of the lines. Plumbers must find these components and sometimes it’s not as straightforward as one might imagine.

Using a magnetic locator makes it easier to find buried steel or iron objects at greater depths. Our plumbers use this tool to locate items such as:

  • Valve boxes
  • Drainage gates
  • Paved over man-hole covers
  • Property-marking pins

The sooner buried pipes are found, the faster repairs can be made.

Learn More About the Tools Used by Our Plumbers

You can learn more about all the tools used by our plumbers by contacting My Menlo Plumber Hero. From video camera inspection to hydro-jetting and electronic leak detection, plumbing tools make finding the root of a problem and solving it faster than ever before!



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